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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Medical Entrance Exam Secret : “I read a lot, but forgot everything”

Passing entrance exam is not just blindly reading. You will automatically memorize, if you start understanding the topics, which you are reading. Simply turning the pages around will not put the facts into your brain. Therefore, it should not be your actual way of preparation.

In this situation, group discussions play a major role to help students understand complex topics. Apart from group discussions, educational videos are available and easily accessible on the internet. It is important to relate the topics and subjects with each other. Because the answer to one question definitely lies somewhere in another topic.
Most of the questions in entrance test, have inter relationship with other questions. To answer these types of questions we need to be clear with all the topics in a subject.
Now we have the 3 secrets of medical entrance exams exposed, it depends how you actually apply them to you preparation.

Entrance Exam - Take it as Fun / Game

Clearing Entrance is like playing Tetris

You May heard of students which got 95% marks in Board exams but can't make it to even below 1 lakh rank in Aieee. Its not their fault, such is the nature of entrance exams. To clear entrance exams, you need to regularly keep on improving and should regularly work on increasing the level of mind.
How can you do it?
I would advise you to detach your emotional side from Entrance exams and think of cracking entrance as a game. It can be any game such as Tetris.

You are currently at level 1 : You are completely Dumb
Slowly increase to level 2, level 3 and so on. Let me define some levels for you.
Level 2: Learn the basic concepts of one chapter
Level 3: Learn the concepts of 3 chapters
Level 4: Learn the concepts of 3 chapters + 60 questions completed
Level 5: Learn concepts of 5 chapters + 100 questions completed
Level 6: Learn concepts of 7 chapters + revision of 5 chapters + 150 questions completed
Level 20: Learn concepts of 50 chapters + 1000 questions completed + 40 chapters revised
Level 30: Concepts of Physics and Chemistry completed + 2000 questions + all chapters revised + 5 chapters from Maths or Biology
Level 35: Concepts of Physics and Chemistry completed + 2000 questions + all chapters revised + 15 chapters from Maths/ Biology + 400 questions from Math/Biology
Level 45: Concepts of Physics, Chemistry + Maths/Biology completed + 4000 questions( of different type)
Level 47: Level 45 + 10 Sample Papers/test series + Rank of less than 100 in test series
Level 48: Level 45 + 20 Sample Papers/series + Rank of less than 50 in test series
LEvel 49: LEvel 45 + 30 sample papers/test series + Rank of less than 20 in test series
Level 50 : Rank of less than 5 in test series + you are extremely confident + exceptional Mental Stamina + Everything good you can imagine

Your goal is to reach level 50. First decide on which level you currently are and then increase your level accordingly to level 50. It should be enjoyable and reward yourself after passing through each level.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

How to Appear in Entrance Exam - Do's & Don'ts

Students might feel pressure and nervous on how to attend, what to do and what not to do in the examination. 

We have a few instructions to keep you away from the confusion. 

Follow the below given instructions. It helps you know what are the restrictions and needs in your examination followed by the tips, can help you prepare yourself as the best you can do. 

Go ahead. Do's is as following. 

  • Carry the admission ticket and read the instructions printed behind it. 
  • Always carry only a blue or black ink ball point pen, for marking answers on the OMR Answer Sheet.
  •  Be present in the examination centre at least 30 mins before the commencement of the test. 
  • While entering the name, be careful and enter as it is in the 2nd PU/CBSE/CISCE. Enter the Admission Ticket and version code of the Question Booklet and shade the respective circles on the OMR Sheet and completely fill/darken/shade the circles on the OMR Answer Sheet.
  •  Affix the signature on the bottom portion on the OMR Answer Sheet without fail and affix the left hand thumb impression on the bottom portion of the OMR Answer sheet only, at the end of each session of the test without fail. 
  • Do not forget to collect the bottom sheet replica (Candidate Copy) of the OMR Answer Sheet from the invigilator after the completion of each session of the test. 
  • Shade only one circle corresponding to the correct answer. 
Dont's are as following: 

  • Aspirants are strictly ordered- Not to carry slide rules, Mathematical Tables, Markers, White Fluid, Erasers and Modern Electronic Equipments such as Mobile Phones, Blue Tooth, Lap Tops, Calculators/Watch Calculators, Pagers, Wireless sets, Notepad, I-Pad, Ear Phones etc, into the examination hall. 
  • Do not damage the perforation provided on the OMR sheet. Do not spread the ink on the other places of the OMR Answer Sheet while affixing the Left Hand Thumb Impression. 

Please Note : 

  • Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall after the 3rd bell ie.. after 10:40 am in the morning session and afternoon session 2:40 pm. 
  • Once the candidate darkens a circle, there is no way to erase or to remove it. So, think twice before shading the option in the OMR Answer Sheet.

 More Tips on What to do and what not to do on the Day of examination. 

Know your test. Make sure you know the format and scoring standards of your test ahead of time. Take a sample test before the big day to get a sense of the pacing and level of difficulty. For more advanced preparation, books, software and prep courses are available. 

Check and double-check the location and time of your test. If you miss your test date, you may not be able to take the test in time for college admissions. Also, be sure you know exactly what you need to bring with you (e.g. your I.D., admissions ticket, calculator, etc.). 

Give your body what it needs. Get plenty of sleep the night before and make time for a well-balanced breakfast. Your brain will thank you. 

Provide for your own comfort and convenience: 
  • Arrive early. Locate bathrooms and drinking fountains and make yourself at home. Dress comfortably. Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket in case the room is cold. 
  • Bring a snack. An energy recharge during breaks can really help. 
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Bring extra pencils and erasers just in case. 
  • Read the directions and test questions carefully. This is especially important for multiple-choice questions in which you may be asked to choose the best answer (i.e. all answers could be correct; only one is best). 
  • Pace yourself. Pay attention to how many sections you must complete and allot a reasonable amount of time for each section. If you get stuck, just move on. You can always return to the most difficult questions once you have answered the easy ones. 
  • Before time is up, review your work. Make sure you have marked your answers clearly and fully and that your responses on the answer sheet correspond to the correct questions. Mismatch the questions and answers by just one space and you will miss all the questions. 

Your entrance exam is your chance to shine! Relax prepare and get ready to go there and do your best.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015