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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Medical Entrance Exam Secret : “I read a lot, but forgot everything”

Passing entrance exam is not just blindly reading. You will automatically memorize, if you start understanding the topics, which you are reading. Simply turning the pages around will not put the facts into your brain. Therefore, it should not be your actual way of preparation.

In this situation, group discussions play a major role to help students understand complex topics. Apart from group discussions, educational videos are available and easily accessible on the internet. It is important to relate the topics and subjects with each other. Because the answer to one question definitely lies somewhere in another topic.
Most of the questions in entrance test, have inter relationship with other questions. To answer these types of questions we need to be clear with all the topics in a subject.
Now we have the 3 secrets of medical entrance exams exposed, it depends how you actually apply them to you preparation.

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